• All teams must have PCN at the beginning of their club name. Example: PCN *Team Name* (PCN Arsenal)


  • All teams must wear the correct authentic kit for their club.


  • All teams have a squad size of 22 players

  • Any player that isn't signed for your club or is ineligible for any reason and plays will result in your club getting a default loss. If it happens twice in one season, your manager will lose their job and be banned for the remainder of the season.


  • All players have a right to play a minimum of 5 games if signed before the mid-season transfer window. If the player signs after the window, they have the right to play a minimum of 2 games. Any manager who abuses this rule may be subject to removal before the next season begins.


  • All teams must play with someone in the ANY position if not starting with 11 players. If proven that no ANY was playing, then the team will get a default loss.


  • If a team starts the game with 11 players, then no ANY is needed. If proven that a team didn't have 11 players and didn't have an ANY then the team will get a default loss.


  • Every team must have a minimum of 5 players to be able to play a match, if not then your team will be given a default loss.


  • A GK is needed for every match.


  • The GK cannot play as the ANY.


  • A GK cannot play as an outfield player and vice versa.


  • Each team must have at least one person stream (and save) their matches each gameday. 



  • Official start time of games is now at 5 minutes after the hour or half hour (8:05, 8:35, 9:05). There is no longer calling for 5 or 10 minutes; teams must be ready to play at the scheduled game times.

  • Streaming is required to be able to prove your team’s efforts to get into the game in case there are any issues. If you are in the lobby with the minimum required to play a game (5 players including a GK), you must be making an active effort to get into the game. It is okay to wait for a player to quickly get back online and into the lobby, but it is not okay to make 21 other people wait 10-15 minutes waiting on one person to become available.


  • Starting at 5 minutes after, managers must begin direct communication about getting into the game. Each team has a grace period until 10 minutes after (8:10, 8:40, 9:10) before the first invite needs to be ready to send. Please send the other team your kit information in case there is a kit glitch and your captain cannot change the kit color before kicking off.


  • If one team is having an issue with one or more players not being able to get into the pro clubs team lobby, that team’s manager must make that explicitly clear to the opposition and notify the other manager as soon as their entire team is ready.

  • If teams have not connected by 10 after, the managers of the two teams must use any means necessary in order to get the game started as quickly as possible. The away manager (or co-manager) must get in a party with the home manager (or co-manager) on Xbox or Discord and stay in until a friendly invite is sent and connection established.


  • If one manager appears to be stalling and no invite has been sent for 5 minutes without communication and a clear evidence as to why, the team is allowed to send an invite (home or away).


  • If a manager has not heard anything from the opposing manager or co-managers through a DM, party invite, or league manager chat by 20 minutes after (8:20, 8:50, 9:20), they may submit a formal call for a default win, which the admins will review.

  • If the game has not started by 20 minutes after the start time (8:25, 8:55, 9:25), the game will not be allowed to start and will be temporarily postponed unless it is the last game of the night, and both teams wish to continue to try to get into their game. Both teams will submit their message history and streams. The admins will review the evidence from both teams and help to facilitate a reschedule if both teams made an honest effort to play. If it’s clear and obvious that one team did not make an effort to play and were stalling or not communicating in good faith, the admins have the right to award a default

  • If the previous game finished after the 10 minute grace period (8:40 for a first game, 9:10 for a second game), the manager of the team in that game needs to contact the next game’s manager immediately. Once this has been done, the team that finished late must get back into the lobby ASAP and be ready to play. The 20 minute after start time rule postpone still applies in these scenarios. If, for example, Team A finishes their first game at 8:45, they have until 8:55 to try and start their second game. If the two teams cannot connect by then, the 20 minute rule will be applied.


  • If a player (including the ANY) lags out of a match under 10 minutes of game time, you may restart the match up to two times without penalty as long as your entire team has backed out before 10 minutes have passed.

  • If a player (including the ANY) lags out of a match over 10 minutes of game time, you cannot restart the match and must finish.

  • Any goal(s) scored before a team quits or lags out before 10 minutes still stands when the match is restarted.


  • A manager cannot call a default against a team for not showing up on time after the match is played.

  • Teams that don't meet the match times set by Admins will receive a forfeit loss unless a reschedule is agreed by both Managers and Admins.

  • If a team plays with an illegal player (red card or a player not on roster), they will receive a default loss.


  • If a team defaults more than two games in a season, the manager is subject to a ban for the remainder of the season.


  • All managers have the right to quit out of a match (with proof) and call default, if the opposing team (a) started a match without a GK and did not back out of a match before 10 minutes (b) started a match with less than 5 players and did not back out of match before 10 minutes (c) played without an ANY with less than 11 players.

  • Default losses will result in a 1-0 scoreline for the winner with no stats counted for either team.


  • No team is allowed to play a formation with 5 defenders at the back at any time or they will be given a default loss.

  • Putting players on the goal line during a free kick is not allowed. If your team is found guilty, you will receive a default loss.


  • Blocking the goalie at any time during the game is not allowed. If your team is found guilty, you will receive a default loss. (Ex: A player stands next to the keeper during a set piece and moves as he moves to prevent his natural range of motion as the ball is played in. If the player were to go near the goalie but move a couple of seconds before the ball is kicked, that would NOT be considered blocking the keeper.)


  • Parking the bus is not allowed. If your team sits deep to an extreme amount and has no interest in actually playing a game of football, and your team is found guilty, you will receive a default loss. Admins will review each case and give a warning or default if the situation warrants it.

  • Deliberate time wasting is not allowed - if you feel a team has done this against your team, take as much video evidence as you can and get in contact with an admin. Admins will review each case and give a warning or default if the situation warrants it.


  • Players are not allowed to use emotes during set pieces to disrupt the play at any time. This includes free kicks where players in the wall use the glitch to move around and prevent teams from passing it short or during penalties where you can run into the box and potentially block the penalty.

  • Managers have the right to challenge for a default if they believe that the opposing team (a) had players on the goal line during a free kick, (b) blocked your goalie at anytime, (c) parked the bus or played 5 at the back, (d) deliberately wasted time, or (e) used emotes on a set piece. Because these rules need to be reviewed by admins, it is recommended that your team take as much video evidence as possible while also finishing the game in case the admins determine no rule was broken so that your team does not receive a default for backing out after 10 minutes. If the admins decide that the rule was broken, a default loss will be given to the offending team. If the admins decide that no rule was broken, the result of the game will stand.

  • Players are not allowed to tackle opponents on set pieces in any scenario. This rule applies to all set pieces and is specifically applied to using the B button to spam the lunging tackles. Players are allowed to use their body to try to position themselves in a better position and if a player is knocked down simply from being run into, that does not count for this rule.

  • The first individual offense for a tackle is a one gameday suspension. A second individual offense is two gameday suspension. A third individual offense is a suspension for the remainder of the PCN season. The first two offenses by a team will not result in a default (unless the violation is extreme in nature), but a third offense and onward will result in automatic defaults for that team.

  • 2 yellow cards for the same player in the same game will result in a 1 game ban.

  • A straight red card is a 1 game ban.


  • You can appeal the suspension of a red card by sending a video clip of the foul to the admins. If the admins determine the foul should not have been a red, the suspension may be overturned and the player made immediately eligible for the next game.


  • Managers who wish to reschedule any games must have the opposing manager agree as well as obtain admin approval in order to move a game. We allow team a roster size of 25 players and only have a minimum of 5 players, so there should be no excuse for not being able to field a team if you are unable to get the other team to agree to a reschedule.

  • Cup matches that are rescheduled must be played before the end of the next gameday (Ex: Royal Cup match rescheduled on a Sunday night must be played by end of the night the next Wednesday). 

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